How to choose wine to pair with chees

Usually, each particular cheese matches best with the specific wine. After all, the quality of cheeses varies greatly, depending on the specific producer, type of milk used to make it. In addition, the taste of cheeses, like wines, changes over time.

Often, the wine originating from the specific area makes a good match with the cheese originating from the same area.

International experience has shown that white dry and invigorating wines make the best matches with cheeses. The wines made of Sauvignon Blanc grapes will suit the majority of cheeses - these wines can be called the "suit everything" wines.

Good blue cheeses go great with a sweet wine, together they make an exquisite combination of the spicy and the sweet, resulting from the dishes with the same unexpected combination.

Full-bodied and red wines make good matches with cheddar and other hard cheeses.

Goat cheeses make good matches with persistent dry white wine.

An extensive range of red and dry white wines as well as sparkling wines, fits fondue cheese.

A good sparkling wine, preferably Champagne, is a pair to soufflé cheese.

Several types of wine are usually selected for cheese platters - each to match the specific type of cheese.