History of the company

The history of Inkerman wines began in 1961, when “Inkerman Plant of Vintage Wines” was founded. The plant was created, using the facilities of the underground development intended for mining of bryozoan limestone, which was used for the post-war renovation and reconstruction of the city of Sevastopol. At a depth of 5 to 30 m, galleries were formed with a relatively low, constant temperature and humidity, which became a prerequisite for creating a plant of vintage wines.

From the very beginning, Inkerman wines were distinguished due to high quality and were produced in accordance with the traditions of classic winemaking. In 2003 TM INKERMAN was registered. In 2011, Inkerman International, an international wine-making holding with headquarters in Stockholm, was established. In 2014, LLC INKERMAN UKRAINE was established as a subsidiary of Inkerman International AB.

Nowadays, LLC INKERMAN UKRAINE produces still and sparkling wines under the Inkerman brand for sale in Ukraine. Still wines are produced in the urban-type settlement of Velykodolynske, and sparkling wines are produced in the city of Odessa. Only the best wine materials of Ukrainian and imported origin are used for production of wines. The company fully controls the harvesting, transportation, processing, fermentation and bottling of wines.