Inkerman presents a new collection “House Wine by Inkerman”
In November 2018, Inkerman expanded its range of wines with new collection “House Wine by Inkerman”. The collection includes two positions - white and red semi-sweet wines produced from white and red European grape varieties

In spring of 2019, the company plans to expand its collection with the third position in its range of products: rose semi-sweet wine “House Wine by Inkerman”. Interesting and bright expressed tastes will allow nobody to stay indifferent both wine lovers with experience and those who just start acquainting with the world of winemaking. The new product will be presented exclusively in the ATB network throughout Ukraine.

“House Wine by Inkerman” collection was the company's reply to three requests from a large number of wine consumers in Ukraine:

  • Semi-sweet wines highly appreciated by Ukrainians were represented in three types of taste: white, red and rose.
  • Colourful and trendy design accentuating on the wine as not only a drink for special occasions, but also a product creating a festive and pleasant atmosphere at lunch or dinner among family and friends.
  • Affordable price with the same level of quality makes it possible to Ukrainians not to refuse themselves from the possibility to consume excellent wine not only during the holidays, but also in everyday life


General Director of TH “Inkerman” Anna Gorkun notes: “Inkerman wines are marked not only by 57-year experience and traditions of classical winemaking. This is a dynamic and ambitious forward-thinking team of professionals who respect the expertise accumulated and keep in step with the times. We strive to offer market-oriented new products meeting the needs of different audiences. In particular, we wish to develop wine consumption culture in Ukraine, so that the young generation could learn to appreciate Ukrainian quality wines. The “House Wine” Collection is not our last new product, we plan to offer another interesting market-oriented collection by the end of the year.”

Other Inkerman Collections include the Young Wines Collection, the Classic Collection, the Sparkling Wines Collection and the vintage wines from Reserve Collection.